Trusted and QoS-Aware Provision of Application Services
IST Project No: IST-2001-34069

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The TAPAS consortium brings together significant expertise from the application hosting, distributed computing and middleware, fault tolerance, software engineering, computer security and computer networking communities.

All the partners will take part and contribute to all the workpackages and its tasks.Their principal responsibilities are described below.

The School of Computing Science, University of Newcastle

The coordinating contractor for TAPAS, the Distributed Systems group conducts research on concepts, tools and techniques for constructing distributed fault-tolerant systems that make use of standard, commodity hardware and software components. Current work is focused on dependable workflow management for cross-organisation workflows, information sharing in virtual enterprise and wide area group communication systems. The group has built a number of major distributed software systems as CORBA middleware services.

Newcastle will lead WP2 and will play active role in the development of the TAPAS architecture, tasks on QoS enabled group communication, trust management, trusted coordination and auction application development.

The Principal Investigator at Newcastle is Prof.Santosh Shrivastava.

Adesso AG

Adesso AG is a German mid-range company offering IT consulting, software development and application hosting. Main clients are insurance companies and banks, for which the company analyses, designs and implements enterprise relevant applications based on component technologies such as Enterprise JavaBeans. The variety of hosted applications include applications in fields of telecommunication (B2B) and Internet portals for online communities and banks. Hosting of applications in areas of insurance companies and banks in mainly performed by the clients themselves, though the requirements and concepts are defined by the consultants and developers of Adesso AG.

Adesso will lead WP 4 and will provide case studies, hosting facilities and undertake auction application development and evaluation work. Adesso will also play an active role in WP1 by providing requirements of application hosting.

The Principal Investigator at Adesso AG is Werner Beckmann.

The Department of Computer Science, University of Bologna

The research group is currently investigating a number research issues in the design of QoS-preserving, distributed middleware platforms. Specifically, these issues include: i) strategies for providing World Wide Web service users with adequate QoS. This activity involves investigating the design of middleware services that can meet effectively application-level (i.e., end-to-end) QoS requirements of Internet-based, latency-sensitive multimedia applications; and investigation on the use of group communication mechanisms to support replication in database systems.

Bologna will lead WP3 and will contribute to all the activities concerned with QoS, in particular, QoS monitoring and QoS aware component containers, as well as work on network control architecture and auction development. Subcontractor of Bologna will be the Institute for Information Science and Technology (ISTI), based in Pisa. The key personnel of this Institute will provide Bologna and the TAPAS project with highly qualified expertise on analysis and evaluation of computer network architectures and protocols.

The Principal Investigator at Bologna is Prof Fabio Panzieri.

The Department of Computer Science, University College London (UCL)

The Software Systems Engineering Group is concerned with the development of large and complex software intensive systems. It focuses on: the real-world goals for, services provided by, and constraints on such systems; the precise specification of system structure and behaviour, and the implementation of these specifications. The three key technologies where the group contributes to the state-of-the-art are: databases, distributed objects (particularly middleware and mobile agent technologies), web infrastructure (particularly XML and related technologies).

UCL will lead WP1 and will contribute to the development of SLA specification and analysis tool, architecture development, QoS aware containers and evaluation.

The Principal Investigator at UCL is Dr Wolfgang Emmerich.

Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

The Systems Research Group at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, has been one of the premier research forces in communications, distributed systems and operating systems since the founding of the lab, the oldest computer science teaching department in the world. Past projects include Universe (which delivered one of the earliest high speed distributed systems), nemesis, a novel operating system with excellent multimedia scheduling properties, as well as Home Area Networks, Xenos (an accountable peer-to-peer distributed architecture). Networks and Operating Systems related work is focusing on Disk QoS Enforcing Quality of Service in Storage Systems , Efficient Network Routeing, Next Generation Inter-AS Routeing.

Cambridge will concentrate on QoS networking requirements (WP1), Network Control Architectures (WP2) and QoS enabled group communication (WP3).

The Principal Investigator at Cambridge is Prof Jon Crowcroft.

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