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Volker Gruhn
Professor Gruhn is chairman of the supervisory board and co-founder of Adesso. He is also a professor at the computer science department of the University of Dortmund. He is head of research group of 7 PhD students and research assistants. The focus of this group is the support of software processes in distributed and highly evolution-based circumstances. From 1994 to 1996 Volker Gruhn was chief technical officer at LION, a medium sized software house with 400 employees. In this position he was responsible for software development, quality management and the mainframe computing centre of LION. He was chief designer of the workflow management environment LEU and he was responsible for several software systems developed with LEU. The most important of these systems is a system supporting all business processes from the area of housing construction and administration. This system, called WIS, is one of the three leading systems in the German market. The development budget for WIS was about 16 million ECU.

Werner Beckmann

Werner Beckmann received a diploma degree from department of computer science of the University of Dortmund in 1992. Since then he participated in several software development projects. Since 1997 Werner Beckmann managed several development projects. Customers of these projects were Internet Service Providers, international training and education companies. His current interests are in distributed EJB architectures and business models for their operation. Werner Beckman is team leader of an EJB development team. As such he is responsible for development teams, who develop EJB-based applications for insurance companies and banks. The focus of these teams is to develop applications which can be operated by Adesso in an ASP business model.

Selected Publications:

  • W. Deiters, V. Gruhn, Process Management in Practice - Applying the FUNSOFT Net Approach to Large Scale Processes, in: Special Issue on Process Technology / Automated Software Engineering, 1998.
  • V. Gruhn, Software Process Landscaping, in: Software Process Improvement and Practice Journal, Volume 5, September 2000.
  • V. Gruhn, U. Wellen, Analyzing a Process Landscape by Simulation, in: Journal of Systems and Software, Vol. 59, No. 3, 2001.
  • V. Gruhn, S. Lembke, Flexible Integration of Petri Net Based Process Descriptions With User-Specific Data Descriptions, Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science, Society for Design and Process Science, Vol. 5, No. 1.
  • V. Gruhn, D. Peters, Concurrent Security Modelling in a Distributed Java-based E-Commerce Environment, in: U. Baake, J. Herbst, S. Schwarz (eds.), 8th European Concurrent Engineering Conference (ECEC 2001), April 2001, Valencia, Spain.
  • R. Balzer, V. Gruhn, Process-Centered Software Engineering Environments: Academic and Industrial Perspectives, in: Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Software Engineering, May 2001, Toronto, Canada.
  • S. Beydeda, V. Gruhn, Decision and Risk Analysis for Process Evolution, in: Proceedings of the Workshop on Software Process and Product Improvement at the EUROMICRO'2001 Conference, September 2001, Warsaw, Poland.
  • S. Beydeda, V. Gruhn, Integrating White- and Black-Box Techniques for Class-Level Regression Testing, in: Proceedings of the 25th Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2001), October 2001, Chicago, USA.


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