Trusted and QoS-Aware Provision of Application Services
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Cambridge University

Jon Crowcroft
Jon Crowcroft is just moving from being a professor of networked systems in the Department of Computer Science University College London, to being the Marconi Professor of Communications Systems at the Computer Lab, Cambridge University. Jon's recent/current projects at UCL include the BT funded active networks project ALPINE, and the Learnet Infrastructure as well as helping the funded Internet 2 projects on ipv6 the Bermuda triangle, a DARPA funded project on radio-active networks, the EU FV Traffic Engineering for the Internet (Tequila), FV Federated Organisations Management (Form). Sprint, Nortel (UK and Canada) fund some Internet Telephony and IETF activities. Jon is a member of the ACM, a member the British Computer Society, a fellow of the IEE and the royal academy of engineering and a Senior Member the IEEE. He is also on the editorial team for Computer Networks, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, IEEE Networks, Monet , and Cluster Computing. Jon is on the Internet Architecture Board.

Selected Publications

  • Bharat Patel and Jon Crowcroft, Ticket Based Service Access for the Mobile User, ACM Mobicom 97, Budapest, 1997.
  • L. Vicisano, L. Rizzo and J. Crowcroft, TCP-Like Congestion Control for Layered Multicast Data Transfer, in Proceedings of the Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE Infocom), (San Francisco, California), March/April 1998.
  • J.Crowcroft, I.Kouvelas, V.Hardman ,Self Organising Transcoders, NOSSDAV, 1998.
    Philippe Oechslin, J Crowcroft, Weighted Proportional Fairness and Pricing for TCP ACM CCR, Volume 28, Number 3 (July 1998).
  • J. Crowcroft, Herding Cats - Modelling the Internet, Royal Society, Philosophical Transactions, 1999.
  • Colin Perkins and Jon Crowcroft, Effects of Interleaving on RTP Header Compression, in Proceedings of the Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE Infocom), (Tel Aviv, Israel), Mar. 2000.
  • Brian Neil Levine, Jon Crowcroft, Christophe Diot, J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves and James F. Kurose, Consideration of Receiver Interest for IP Multicast Delivery, in Proc. of the Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE Infocom), (Tel Aviv, Israel), Mar. 2000.
  • Ghosh, Fry & Crowcroft, An Architecture for Application Layer Routing, in Yasuda, H. (Ed), Active Networks, LNCS 1942, Springer, pp 71-86. ISBN 3-540-41179-8 Springer-Verlag.


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